But as for me, I will always have hope;
I will praise You more and more.
-Psalm 71:14


I’ve been waiting for you.

You probably find this hard to believe. You’re the type who gets overlooked and forgotten. Your days are filled with countless hours devoted to others. You become a caretaker and help others live a greater story than your own. You are plain and ordinary. No one special. Nothing significant to say. You have a full, brilliant, creative mind, yet you do not share because someone might not understand and think it dull. So you settle for a counterfeit contentment, resigning yourself to the monotony of moments and burying your dreams in the dusty corners of a darkened attic, forbidden to climb down into the warmth of reality.


Let Me ask you something.

How does it feel, knowing there is so much swelling up inside yet forcing yourself to stay stagnant? How does it feel to lift your eyes to the mirror and assault yourself with lies of disappointment? How can you hide the longing in your heart? Your core cries with urgency, “See me! Know me! Love me!”

How can you not hear Me calling to you?


Read more over at ALTARWORK here!

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