My New PUblication

October 2022, Proverbs 31.
A devotion on Jesus shepherding our hearts.

Making the Most of Summer

September 2022, Fellowship of Christian Athletes.
Article on summer ministry in Fairbanks, Alaska.

Hope Grows Slow

August 2022, Agape Review.
Essay on the seed of hope that endures.

Strength in Stillness

June 2022, Proverbs 31.
A devotion on finding God in being still.

Grace for Today

May 2022, Proverbs 31.
A devotion on God's provisions to get us through each day.

Spill My Soul

2015-2017, weekly column at ALTARWORK.
Creative nonfiction.

FCA Magazine

2014-current, print and digital stories of ministry impact.

The Way of His World

June 2017, The Redbud Post.
A poetic retelling of the creation story.

Putting Pride Aside

May/June 2017, FCA Magazine.
Topical story on keeping our hearts humble.

Everbloom: Stories of Deeply Rooted and Transformed Lives

April 2017, Paraclate Press.
An anthology of essays by women of Redbud Writers Guild (of which I am a part). My essay is titled: Untangle.

Quite the Same

March 2017, Living Bread Ministries.
A devotional blog on the similarities of humanity around the world.

Space to Breathe

August 2016, The Mudroom.
An essay on allowing my soul to rest.

To Such as These

November 2014, Compassion International.
A blog post for Universal Children's Day.

I Didn't Ask to Fall in Love

November 2013, Compassion International.
A blog post about my Compassion Sponsor Trip.