I’m Sarah. I like words, people, coffee and finding beauty in the heartbeats of this world.

My Mission: To awaken hearts through words, keep them in a state of wonder, and spark curiosity to see God’s world with a wider and deeper lens.

How I Do This: Through personal essays and prayers, stories for Fellowship of Christian Athletes and other nonprofits, and snippets of my book Grappling for Good.

I Want: to give you permission to access the deep places of your heart and know it’s good to feel a full range of emotion, and to allow God access to those places for a closer encounter with His love.

From the blog

Blessed Reprieve

Sleep. A blessed reprieve. After weeks and weeks of no sleep, then fragmented sleep, up and down and exhaustion playing with our bodies and minds, our first reprieve and refreshing slumber. Manna for the day. We have been gifted in our wilderness with God’s manna, our daily bread, nourishment among the valley. For over a […]

Small Steps

Small steps are monumental victories. Keep in step with the Shepherd and He will provide all you need to rest and endure, continue on. •• COVID is rough. My husband and I both got hit bad; Eric’s out of the hospital and healing well, thank God. I’m stuck on the forever fatigue and am tired of […]

Out of Place

Everything is out of place. The breath in my lungs, beat of my heart. Vision now: shapes and shadows. Jostled, shaken, stirred and pressed back in sideways; nothing’s like it should be. All I wanted was to make sense of things; here, there is no knowing, no moments understood. Just a picking apart of what […]

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I do not want to lose this part of me—the still soul, the lover of life, the dreamer. I cannot waste away the wonder.

Sarah Freymuth, Infinity Within

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