Missed You


I’ve missed you.

Missed the way your smile lit the morning, missed the way I’d send the wind to swirl through your hair. I’ve missed your marveling eyes and your sweet honeysuckle laugh.

I’ve missed the way you’d lean on Me, resting your head upon My shoulder and trusting that I had you protected. Missed our walks up hills and through fields fresh with flowers, when you’d lift your face to the sky and tell Me you’d never leave Me.

I’ve missed hearing about your dreams and the simple pleasures that made your day. I’ve missed watching sunsets and catching fireflies in the early evening twilight, and holding you in the vanilla hours of night, where your heart shook and tears warmed your face.

I’ve missed you calling out My name.

My heart just hasn’t been the same since you slipped away from Me. You seemed to forget that together, we could do great things. We could do the impossible. You wanted to try it on your own, and now you’re down and drained in spirit. My love, can you come back to Me? You need me as much as I desire you, and I feel your heart searching for Mine.

Beloved, I am here. Waiting. Come quickly to Me. I am watching for the light to lift you up again, because I know, without a shadow of a doubt, the degree to which you can glow.

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