Catches Your Attention

Comfort is knowing I cannot mess up. For the fear-laced perfectionist within, I oftentimes stand terrorized at making wrong choices. But then I swallow down the lies that life will be forever ruined if I deter from the best decision, and step into the deep ocean of grace that is greater than my meager self-destructive musing. I remember what catches my attention:

Cool water on a hot summer day, skin sliding through the surface. The hum of Lake Michigan when the air is soft and the world seems wide, blues brushing together and merge with gray. Mug of dark, rich coffee in the morning, ribbons of steam swirling to the ceiling. Nestled in my nook, curled on the couch and pen in hand, caverns of words to sift and shape.

All the simple things, all the beauty I fail to see when I blind myself in anxiety.

Slow, girl. Calm your spirit. Rest in Him who holds your care.

I am at ease.

I will let life happen.

This is not all there is—there is always more to unfold. And to walk towards with wonder.

Remember what catches your attention.




The fourth attempt at the Five Minute Friday weekly writing challenge. Five minutes to write on the assigned topic. Raw and unedited. (Yikes!) This week’s topic: Comfort. Tried computer typing for this one and still didn’t increase word count that much. Again. Keep going.

One thought on “Catches Your Attention

  1. Sarah,
    Oh your poetry is beautiful!! I can embrace the serenity of sitting by the lake’s shore with you and raising my mug of delicious java.
    Thank you for sharing your words. They fed me.
    (#94 this week, right behind you)


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