Something Out Of Nothing

I am falling on God and trusting Him to support my weight.

Put my faith in Him and His ability to make something out of nothing. To depend on Him as I walk blindly in the dark, believe when He says to rest and be still when everything in me pulls toward wondering and worry.

He is on the throne. I am not. He sees beyond time; I can’t see past a foot from my face. To depend on Him to be my Deliverer, my Helper, Provider and Sustainer—bear these names as truth and bend to belief that He will come through on His promises. It is my job to rest in Him, hope confident that He will come through.//

Hope to God He will come through.

What is faith, after all, without walking without firm footing? A crazy trust in what is unseen, assurance of what lay just beyond the explainable.

Rustle of wind. Movement of the Spirit. Going wherever He pleases, beyond barely moving clouds. Dance of sunlight dappled through the dance of trees. My eyes blink, drink in late afternoon. A cardinal crests upon the curved arm of the maple tree in the front yard; as the branch bends with the wind and his weight, soft trust strengthens within. And I wonder: can my dreams be caught up in God’s?

Blue sky brushes high altitude; higher still, sits God. But He bends close to breathe in me, walks in matching stride with mine. He is here and makes me whole, and here I hope for what is yet to come. Depend against the grain in what is greater, the assurance that God indeed will create the miracle I need, indeed bring something from nothing.

Here I hope. Words unfamiliar, but with this soft rest, gentle trust, I again build belief to depend on Him to hold and guide.




Continuing my attempt at the Five Minute Friday weekly writing challenge. Five minutes to write on the assigned topic. Raw and unedited. (Yikes!) This week’s topic: Depend.   // symbolizes where five minutes stopped, and then I continued writing.

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