When you read a line or concept that cuts straight to your core, doesn’t it infuse a desire for transformation, not only within yourself, but in the world around you? Doesn’t it shake and move you from simply absorbing a story to actively living it out?

Me too.

My name is Sarah. I wake up hearts through words and keep them in a state of wonder. I believe in their ability to cultivate a spark that inspires and challenges readers to see the world with a wider and deeper lens.

Effective storytelling is a vital tool to spark, connect, and engage individuals into a deeper world-awareness and invite them to join a bigger mission to care for the well-being of others. This world must wake, and it can be done. How? One small story at a time that creates awareness for something more and entices engagement, inspiration and a call to action.


My husband works with his hands. He uses many different tools, depending on the project. Sometimes it will be a tile saw, sometimes a wrench, sometimes a crowbar, and everything else in between. It’s been interesting learning from his craft. I’ve learned that as a writer, I work from my toolbelt, pulling out different ways of sharing words depending on my situation.

Here are a few of them where you’ll find writing that appears on my own site as well as other publications, and stories I tell for FCA.

For The People- Nonprofit: Articles and stories of life-changing transformation, ministry impact, and features on people and causes for nonprofit organizations, giving voice to their mission and highlighting personal profiles.

My Life Lens: My thoughts and feelings, exposed confessional writing on how I live within this world and my ever-evolving faith through the journey.

Grappling for Good: Excerpts from my journals and pieces of my book that ponder the upside-down care of God when life’s circumstances seem difficult and unexpected.

Awake My Heart: Personal reflections between me and God dealing with the desires, hesitations, hopes, and vulnerability of the heart and its awakening.


I believe that God created imagination to truly see His handiwork. I believe that we are all desiring to be seen, known and loved. I believe we have the power to impact lives more than we think we do. And I believe that we must continuously reach for the heavens, crave connection to Him who has the power to be and do immeasurably more than we can ask or imagine.

Slow down. Breathe. Uncover the heartbeats of the earth. Our world is fragile and breathtaking, strong and staggering. I want to capture this life in the most honest and beautiful way possible.

This is my story, and I hope you, too, will find a piece of your own in these pages. My prayer is simple: Awake, my heart. Awake to the stirrings within, the whisper of He who breathed His love in you. Wake me with Your words, Lord. Awake my heart into Your world.

Email: sarahfreymuth@gmail.com


Sarah Freymuth

Awake Our Hearts
Awake Our Hearts

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