Freelance Work

I believe in the power of story and its ability to effectively compel and engage individuals, donors, and organizations to act and love in substantial ways. Effective storytelling is a vital tool to spark, connect, and engage individuals into a deeper world-awareness and invite them to join a bigger mission to care for the well-being of others.

My Work:

I love connecting people with causes, and have the great privilege of writing and/or editing for numerous newspapers, nonprofit organizations and ministries including:

My creative writing has appeared in various print and online journals and blogs including:

What I Do:

  • Write articles of interest on people, life-changing transformation, events, and ministry impact
  • Write copy for social media, videos, annual reports and other communication pieces
  • Proofread and edit newsletters, articles, letters, ministry updates
  • Edit, arrange and schedule blog posts
  • Strategic communication on how to effectively and engage audiences through various print and digital channels for heartfelt and lasting impact
  • Creative ideas on how to organize and share your information


I’d love to partner with you to share the┬ábeautiful things happening in and through your organizations. Contact me at for how we can work together.