December 7, 2014

Sent To Shine

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Sent to Shine[1]

A luminous jewel, set high in the velvet black of night.

Smiling, shining its inviting gaze upon three men seeking what lay at its end. Mesmerized, they watched the cosmos create a trail across the sky, beckoning their curiosity across a thousand lands, each step piquing their predestined enchantment.

As the clear crystal days rose and fell, the wonder of the awaited child dug into the hearts of men, helpless to explain the earth’s rotation to the town of Bethlehem, where, at last, that pearl held its gleam all the brighter. It grew bold and brimmed with a diamond fulfillment, joyful at where it led the Magi.

Underneath its shimmering arms, a child glistened with the touch of God. And when the men encircled his crib, bowing their heads at the humbly bright babe, the star twinkled above, blinking upon a world where glory gave hope to a hurting human race. It pointed toward the true point that gave light to a darkened town, its warming hue inviting and intriguing to an empty earth to see the joy before it.

And as it appeared so suddenly among the night, so it slipped into the shadows, its treasured task released by the One who sent it to shine.

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