January 4, 2015

Me and You

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Me and You

I want when it was just me and You.

When the sun rose and fell in Your eyes, where every wildflower was planted by Your hand for my bouquet. I miss when Your voice whispered through the wind, tickled my heart and captured my soul. When my smile sparkled and shone like a thousand stars because You were pleased with me.

I want our walks again, when light streaked through the trees above me and the forest road went on for hours, went on for seasons. With You I was happy. Pure joy jumped through my veins and saturated my soul. All I wanted was to find favor in Your gaze. Everything I did, I did for You, and with Your hand held in mine. I miss the carefree laughter and the comfort of Your kiss in early evening’s fire glow.

It isn’t You who has stepped away; I’m the one to blame. And now, away from Your warmth and beginning to shiver in my loneliness, I realize how deep I truly crave You, how desperate is my love. I want to throw off all the distractions that have tied themselves to me and leave them on the ground. I want to run and throw myself into Your arms and feel Your strength, taste Your sweetness.

I don’t ever want to leave Your side. You’ve never left mine, even when I deserved to be deserted. Let’s weave our way through sunsets once again, let my lips sing Your goodness and my heart hold tightly onto You. Let’s be something special together, me and You.

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