January 21, 2015

Hold Me Close

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Hold me close.

Whisper in my ear, stir my soul slowly, shifting the stagnant pieces that have frozen in my stubbornness. Dissolve my defenses, sweetly untie the threads holding my chest together and work my heart through Your hands. Massage the meaning of my longing into the rivers of my wounds, wash them clean, a blue water cleansing the dank and dirty canals that block my heart from warmth.

Sing to me, Your voice the crescendo of a symphony in its fifth opus, rising, building in intensity until instruments from Your mouth blend and strike the opera house halls of my heart. Keep their echoes straining through the seats of my soul, long after the crowds depart and I am left in a soft solitude, soaking in the ovation flowing through the curtains.

Your fingers- let them stretch over me, tapping the tremors I cannot contain, calming my anxious mind that races around a continuous track, always speeding, always moving with momentum. Wind Your arms around me, a shawl closing over my shoulders to ward off the chilling dampness of uncertainty. Send Your blood crashing into mine, a beautiful scarlet explosion.

Write me a love letter in the sky. Paint a portrait of my face upon Your canvas. Mold my monotony into something adventurous. Electrify me. Blaze a line of light into my stormy evening; trail the sparks along my spine, jolt me to life.

I’ve been craving You since I found I am fallen. Console me in my shadowed moments, let me cling to You in comfort as I once floated secure and enclosed in my mother’s womb. If I fight, reel me in. If I lash out, soothe me with Your smile. May Your mercy shine over me like a beacon across the sea, and may You melt down all the turmoil that twists my veins.

You are the vast galaxy my small, burning star circles, suspended and slow. I am losing luster. Coat me with an effervescent fuel that transcends all time, all gravity that pulls at me with power. Save me. Be the hero my hope so desperately craves.

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