Joyful Touch


All good things are Your touch.

Pink-veined posies, speckled sunshine through climbing trees, a well-timed card of encouragement from a dear and doting friend.

All the good things, the beautiful moments, they are trailed by Your fingertips. You give good things. You want to. I need to go about my day delighting in You. In the sweep of the sky, in the chuckle in my chest, in the sheer magic that is Your presence. Too many times have I gone peeking around the rosebush, hoping to find a bouquet fall at my feet and miss the wildflowers blooming before me. Each dream in my heart has been drawn by Your hand, each hope harbored in Your sea.

You take joy in seeing me joyful, and when a smile steals across my face, it blazes straight to Your Spirit in exuberance.

To take satisfaction solely in You is the greatest gift You could give me, my longing finally fulfilled.

To discover and accept this gift, and store it securely inside me, could give me guidance and enchantment beyond all I’ve ever collected in wonder behind my eager breath.

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