February 12, 2018

Tender Unknown

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How is my heart constantly suspended in the most tender unknown?

My heart is so tired of the constant flux of hope and disappointment. And I honestly don’t know how to handle it anymore. What do I do to stop it from longing so? Seriously, how do I balance this ongoing eyes on You with the desires of my heart that just will not go away?

I am so helpless. My heart’s backed up against the wall with nowhere to move. I am a little girl again, heart so pure and prone to such highs and lows of love. Hold me. Rest me against Your chest, so all my lungs consume is You. Your protection, Your love, Your understanding, Your compassion. See me as Your daughter, distraught and weary, and show me what Your Fatherly love truly feels like. Because if ever I needed to know, it is now.

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  1. Lovely sentiments, Sarah.

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