April 19, 2020

Binding It All Together

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Three more weeks until I am married. Three more weeks. In this crazy COVID cycle, life keeps pressing forward. Yes, all of Plan A with the wedding has washed away. Plan B, C, D, G, and L, for that matter, too. But we are innovators, Eric and I, and we care more about the experience and what it means to cleave the old life and tie to the new than we do the venue and gold-rimmed dinner plates that have kept couples pushing their day back by months. So we will say our vows on a metal fish-net walkway over the water, with immediate family witnessing and our spiritual mentor officiating. There will be joy, there will be peace. And most importantly, there will be God’s love, binding it all together.

Love in the time of COVID. There is much of it to be found, if we are willing to see. If we want to see, look for the good.



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  1. Roy Janysek says:

    Congratulations! Sorry for this time and plans a,b,c and on. May you and Eric be richly blessed.Roy

    Roy Grace and Peace “Lord, let my life be a space in which You can work in the world, clear away my inner rubbish, and fill me with Your Spirit of healing, delight and peace, so that everything I do may be the fruit of Your life in me.”

    Angela Ashwin

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