February 11, 2023

Set You Apart

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Before I formed you in the womb

I knew you,

before you were born I set you


I appointed you as a prophet to the


-Jeremiah 1:5

Truths to Rest My Heart:

God is creator.

He knows us before we ever come into being. He is the one who made us. He knows everything about us.

He also created us with very specific things in mind. He set Jeremiah apart to be a prophet to the nations. He had specific things for him to do.

He spoke to Jeremiah and had a specific call on his life.

We are known by God.

He is Creator.

He is intentional.

He knows us.

He sees what we are capable of with Him.


I am made intentionally. God knows me intimately, and He has set me apart, with specific plans in mind and a heart for relationship. Keep believing, keep trusting.

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