March 5, 2023

Restoration Takes Time

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Restoration takes time, care, and detail.

For complete wholeness, there must be work and healing in individual places—my mind, and my body, my spirit and my heart. And each is in place, God wants to do deep and lasting work that doesn’t simply cover the hurt or past, but actually transforms for authentic growth and greater strength.

God is in it for the long haul, and while it might feel like forever at the time of this process, He is lovingly using the time to take away what has been hurting me, craft a personal understanding of Himself into my soul, and inserting the healing and understanding that is absolutely best for me. Eventually, the whole of who I am aligns with the picture of who He’s intended for me to be.

Yes, it may take way too much time according to my standard or timeline. Yes, it may hurt more than I want it to. But He is working for my good and His glory, and He cares too much to gloss over any detail. He cares too much not restore every inch of my being, in His time, in His way.

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  1. Thankful we have been able to share and support each other’s journeys.

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