April 11, 2023

Beautiful Day

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Today is a beautiful day.

I am breathing.

The sun is rising warm against the blue of the sky.

Grass is green again, and buds are growing on the ends of branches.

The God of all grace and goodness is on His throne.

Today is a beautiful day.

I am living.

Birds are calling and flying to one another.

I never realized how much I missed their light trill until the silence of a long winter.

But spring is here, hallelujah.

Spring, keep unfurling your beauty and life.

Pull me in, close and careful.

Today is a beautiful day.

I bathe my heart in gratefulness.

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  1. Judy Carroll says:

    This spoke to my heart. As I sit in my home in the beautiful forest of Prescott, AZ, I look out and see the signs of Spring all around as you talked about. My heart feels lighter and I am grateful to be alive. Thank you for your inspirational words. It was a long and cold winter!

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