July 11, 2023

Grace is Greater

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Grace is the good breath of air our souls sip down slow.

It’s what we wait for, tune our inner radars to its frequency, and fall into when our tired limbs can no longer hold up the weight of our hurt.

We are frail, but we can always count on the strength of God’s unyielding grace, a love that lingers, nestles close.

His grace gives peace to our frantic minds, slows the swirl of uncertainty in our hearts.

Grace is our guiding light leading us to the safety of God’s strong arms.

God’s grace and love are powerful enough to change the hardest hearts and reach the deepest chasms of the earth.

Grace is greater.


Greater than our darkest thought or fear. Greater than our racing minds, our panicked hearts.


God is our refuge and strength,

An ever-present help in times of trouble.

-Psalm 46:1


God’s refuge is our grace, our sustaining strength that surges where we are too afraid to stand. His presence, our greatest help, the lifeline we need when face-to-face with the darkness that wants to swallow us entirely.

Grace is a healing balm that consistently soothes our sores. God’s too good to let us go, even when we fear we are beyond His reach, beyond His capabilities. When we feel like we are going to upturn His plans and crash His will, He reminds us that we are never too far gone for His hand to reach. His heart is always coming closer, His eyes always trained upon us, watching over and guiding us

We are never too far gone from the saving grace of God, even if we feel like we are. God’s truth says otherwise, and His Word stands true, from Truth and the Word Himself.

His mercy never ends, it’s an ever flowing river that soothes our scared and scarred hearts and heads, slows us down to relax into His bigness, His love.

God’s grace, the goodness that overcomes.

Grace is what keeps us going.

The word is worth repeating: Grace. upon grace upon grace.

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  1. Annie says:

    DRINKING in His beautiful grace today…WONDROUS reminder of what is offered to us by our Mighty generous and Great God

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