August 13, 2023

Nothing to Say

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I’d like to find You here
on my couch this Sunday morning,
books splayed across the cushions,
puppy curled like a ball
in my lap.

Where it is quiet for once,
a quiet where I wonder
what will happen as I hope
for peace in my body and mind.

You say words aren’t needed
to commune with You,
and that is good because
I have no words at the moment,
only being

on this August day
with towering trees out
my windows that look like
the lush lettuce I just got
at the farmers market

Say You’re here with me,
say nothing at all,
just breathe with me
as I exhale a season
of chokehold,

look at my fresh bouquet
(also from the market)
of coral and purple gladiolas,
scarlet lilies, and mini white
flowers I do not know
the name of.

It sits erect in my
blue mason jar vase,
cool in the water,
confident of its
simple beauty.

Oh Lord,
let us have nothing
to say together,
let this silence
say it all.

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  1. I’ve been here before. I get it. Thank you for this. I know you from the stories between us,

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