December 10, 2023

And the Angels Sang

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ADVENT. A time of waiting. Of breath suspended and hearts  preparing room. A remembrance of a coming King, both then and now. History has heralded a day that’s dawned glorious and new. It’s a reminder to celebrate the arrival of Jesus, who sets all things right, and to wait in expectation for His coming again.

Let us explore the scene: We stand beside a stable, peer into a manger, marvel at the tiny boy stirring in his bed. This little one  will grow into the One who takes away the sins of the world! The sky split wide with the wonder of angels, bringing great tidings of good news to shepherds shivering on the night watch.

Glory, this tiny boy wrapped in cloths asleep at His mother’s side.  The world slept on while the shepherds sought the young family,  the mother, father, and child huddled together for warmth by the animals, and the angels sang.

Throughout this Advent season, try to consider: How does the  already-come Jesus and Him coming again impact the way you live your life, and how you interact with others? The Kingdom has come. Rejoice!

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