March 16, 2024

A Moment to Breathe

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Most days
my mind over matter mentality
takes the wheel and drives.

It has places to go,
problems to solve,
people to please.

But today
my body has hidden the keys,
turned off the alarm clock,
pulled the blanket of rest
higher up my shoulders.

Weariness comes for us all,
and we want to fight it
with more work, more doing.

But the body must be heard,
must be listened to.

she is whimpering a bit,
tender, so tired of being left alone.

Pay attention.
The world won’t collapse
if you step away.
Just for now.

The birds
outside your window
seem to be singing
a little louder now, don’t they?
And when did the air
in the yard turn so sweet?

the body only wants
a moment to breathe,
and bring you along
with her in the openness.

Rest is never
wasted time.

What is your body
telling you?

It’s OK to slow down
before you collapse.

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