May 13, 2024

Deep Calls to Deep

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We are looking for God
in all ill-fit places—
boxes, regulations, rigid order.

He is more fluid than that,
more Other.

He is in the bells of traditional dresses,
low chant of a celebration song,
the full, clear break of water, wave to rock shore,
coming in low, coming in cadence
with the natural flow of the world.

Earth is in tune with God,
God in tune with the earth.

We, when we listen and see with soul and surprise,
are carried away into who He really is,
expansive, enveloping, beyond the barriers
of dimension that we can call order and understanding.

When what led us for so long
now feels constrictive,
it is because we are being led deeper,
wider, into what we haven’t know
but always longed for.

There is another way of meeting God,
if we are not afraid to surrender what we thought
we had certain, to what tamed us into
conforming to the world and all its
explanations and ought’s.

Deep calls to deep…
all Your waves have swept over me.
Will the waters break
over you?

Will you allow yourself to be submerged
and awakened to what is actually going on?
Murmurs, whispers, chants, and invitation,
finally beginning to see.
Deeper, beyond this world.

That’s where I want to be, Lord.
At the center of it all, with You.
Another level, another dimension.
There is more beyond the veil,
and my soul wants to see.

Let me see.
I want to go beyond.

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