June 19, 2024

Life Out Loud

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I came to live this life out loud.

I came to speak the song of my heart—It is here, wonder, magic, immeasurably more. Look up. Look around. The world is ablaze with an eternal hue that swipes its brush against the sky.

This world, its people, circumstances, strives to stifle. Demands are determined before we get our breath. There is a box and order to things, a line one must not step over.

But, I digress.

Were not worlds unrolled from the swirling tides? Were not starts slung from the heart of One who sets all hearts ablaze?

My feet are well across the border, moving to more.

I do not want a tame faith. I want to give it space to spread wild and relentless.

I came with a hunger and zealous burn to bring the fire of God to hearts grown cold. This world needs to know the impossible is possible, that miraculous things can happen from a God who sees them wholly and pursues with ardor.

We cannot raise our voices with urgency and expectancy unless we shake the status quo and raise a ripple in the water.

We cannot go through the motions listless and eyes drooping asleep. We must live wide awake. Wild and free. Enough is never enough and we must refuse to settle for anything but the very best. I want to run into the storm, not away. I want that wind to lash against my face, rain water to wash over my skin. I want to feel the Spirit breathe through my marrow. I want to feel. Wild and free. With abandon.

Will you? Where will the wind of wonder take you?

It’s time to awaken, time to run, discover just how deep we can dig to reach not rock bottom, but the beginning of the reckless way we live and love.

Live this life out loud.

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  1. Bethany Peck says:

    This is beautiful Sarah! A great anthem especially as summer kicks off!

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