June 23, 2023

When Feelings Fade, His Word Remains

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I plod to my chair in the corner, pull my coffee close, and breathe for a minute before opening my Bible. I glance out the window, taking in the curve of tree branches and the sea of blue sky above. I wish, yet again, that the inside of me would look the same: restored, light, vibrant.

I’m a feeler through and through, an empath who puts on the emotions and experiences of others and feels them deeply. But since being struck with lingering physical and mental health challenges from a traumatic season of life, I’ve found my emotions are very low, and I’m unable to commune with God and others in the ways I love.

It’s been over a year, and I’m still shuffling through the beauty of this world with a muted palette. Brain fog, exhaustion and perhaps medication have stifled what I’ve always seen as my “superpower” of feeling, which has led most of my life and faith.

It’s been frustrating, confusing and full of grief. While there has definitely been improvement, I’m still not operating in mind, body and spirit as I would like.

What do we do when we feel empty, lost and disillusioned?

When our feelings have fled and we can’t sense the closeness of God, how do we still stay grounded and secure in our belief that our loving Father hasn’t left us?


Join me over at Proverbs 31 today to find out what to do when our feelings fade and where God finds us in the fog.

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