December 22, 2023

Past This Precipice

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A kitchen full of glasses and food,
laughter, and moving limbs
expressing wild tales,
cleaning up with a joyful heart
full of gratitude,
light of the Christmas tree
with a puppy curled in his bed
beside it—
is this what it is to be on the other side?


To start believing
I can stand on solid ground of living,
of days no longer numbered,
for a mind that’s on the mend?
More of this,
of moments made into memories,
of puppy nestled on my lap
late at night
while we open a gift
and newly arrived Christmas cards,
where the night sky
splits wide-open in wonder.


Is this where hope enters in,
confident and true?
Where I lean into the precious art
of living, no longer
looking back waiting
for death to turn me around,
but moving forward,
heart firm around faith,
considering how it may be possible
that God is greater than my fear
and already past this precipice,
waiting, ready for me
to catch up and take
His hand again.

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